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hinabn // 23 icons

New icons! I needed more of Hanna's face (♥) for me and ended up iconing every page of Chapter 3 so far. \o/

{23} Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name

001 002 003 004
005 006 007 008
009 010 011 012
013 014 015 016
017 018 019 020
021 022 023 ---

. Credit Tessa Stone if you use any!
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Oh heck, Hanna has never looked so much his age and mature like the panel icon #22 was made from! It's how his eyes are narrowed and his mouths curves only one side up to a really smug smirk. I have to take it!

Credits to Tessa are clear, what is about you?
Smug and superior is totally the best way to describe that expression, I love it. :D

Ah, I honestly don't mind. All I did was crop and sharpen, so it's up to you! As long as Tessa is credited, I'm happy.
Six is just adorable, I'm stealing and crediting~!
Wow you even got feet in there, that's a pleasant surprise...

Stealing that 'un.
These are gorgeous! Definitely taking a few :D
These are lovely! Using and crediting!
You have Lamont icons omggg. Will take and will def credit <3
LOL 12 XD Awesome XDD
(Worth's gonna kill you for this XD better start running now XD)
Awesome! Thanks for the link, these are great! Definitely taking a few... can't decide wich...